domingo, 22 de abril de 2007

Terms of Love by Don Lekei

Is when someone becomes
Such a part of you
That when they leave
Part of you leaves with them
When they hurt
You feel their pain stronger
When they smile
You feel like dancing
Making Love
Is sharing a piece of your soul
And infusing your partner's heart
With fire
It is not sex
You can make love without touching
With a look across a room
That sucks out your hearts
Through your eyes
Or an embrace with such heat
It could reduce the very clothes between you
To ash
For when you are
In Love
Every molecule of your body
Wants to be next to your partner's counterpart
And every impulse of your soul
Longs to share the same space
There is no distance
Close enough
Being in the same room
Holding hands
A passionate embrace
Even the entwining of sex
Are too far apart
At least once
Everyone deserves a chance
To discover the difference

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