domingo, 4 de março de 2007

I Am the Ocean by Dee Kindrick

The ocean takes me to a place of peace

I feel the ocean’s soul and I'm content, I have no worries, I'm at ease
What I would do to live in the ocean and bath in the sand
Swim at every sunrise and mesmerize every sunset
I want to run on the beach and dive in the waves….have no regrets
Swim like a dolphin and grow with the coral reef
I want to be a part of the ocean like the ocean is a part of me
I feel the oceans soul and it pulls me in
Into a place of happiness and peace, I am the ocean
The ocean is a beautiful place but it can take you in
Swim...swim fast with the waves and you'll be okay
I'm loved by many and I see love
I see you holding hands and staring at the moon
I see you walking hand in hand, I knew you would come
Sit by my shore and wait for the sun
I'll make the day beautiful and allow the sun to reflect off of me
Come to me and let go of your thoughts and fears
I am the ocean, swim with me and I'll catch your tears

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