terça-feira, 27 de março de 2007

Dear Lord by Clara JF

Sometimes I don't know how to pray,

How to express to you what I feel,

Somehow, I know you still understand me

No matter what I am going through

Sometimes I make the wrong choice

Disobeying and grieving you,

Even for the thing I shouldn't do

Sometimes Lord, I feel so lost,

Not knowing what to do, or who to turn to

And sometimes Lord, I feel so hurt,

That my chest ache and my heart so heavy.

Sometimes Lord I feel all down

Thinking about everything that has happened.

Somehow Lord, I'm still thankful you protect me.

Even though I run of on my own,

Sometimes Lord, I wish I could cares less,

Then I wouldn't feel so betrayed,

Sometimes Lord, I wish I could cry less,

So I wouldn't feel so vulnerable in my circumstances

Sometimes Lord, I wish I could love less,

Then I wouldn't have to hurt so much

But somehow Lord, I know you see me

And when I cry, you cry with me.

Sometimes Lord, I am so angry

At all the lies and superficiality

Sometimes Lord, I am so irritated

When things don't turn out right

And sometimes Lord, I get so frustrated

When I try and try and fail, seeing other succeed

But somehow Lord, you come through for me

In your time, in way, I can't even begin to understand

Sometimes Lord, I say things I don't mean

I pray you forgive me

Sometimes Lord, I choose to do things

Which make you very sad

Sometimes Lord, I don't even understand my self.

I pray you guide me

And sometimes Lord, I don't know what to do

I pray you give me wisdom.

Sometimes Lord, I don't understand

All this love you have for me

That I look for it in the wrong places

And and up hurting myself

Sometimes Lord, I can't believe

That you thought of me above all

Sometimes Lord, though I am unworthy

You still came and died for me and set me free

Sometimes Lord, when things go wrong

I will learn to trust you more

And sometimes when I feel hurt

Lord, I pray I will love you more

Sometime when I do things I shouldn't

I pray to the Holly Spirit will give me strength to persevere

And somehow Lord, I'll always remember

That I always have you near.

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